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General Rules of Birthday Events

  • It is required to sign the exemption of responsibility for the entrance (parents must sign the exemption to minors and each independent adult).
  • Obligatory use of safety socks in the jump zone (additional cost of 6,000).
  • It is recommended to reserve at least one week before the event. Events that are requested will be subject to space availability.
  • Forbidden the entrance of food to the park, only the entry of the cake or cupcakes is allowed as decided by the organizer.
  • Other foods can be purchased with the Summit Trampoline Park cafeteria.
  • The organizer of the event should arrive 30 minutes before the activity, will receive the table, the host and the logistics of the event will be coordinated.
  • The event starts at the contracted time, if the organizer’s delay does not start at the time, the time will not be replenished.
  • The event ends at the agreed time.
  • It is clarified that the event lasts 2 or 3 hours according to reserved offer but access to the zones is 1 hour 30 minutes or 2 hours 30 minutes respectively. The final half hour will be taken to consume the pizza, sing happy birthday and split the cake.
  • In case of extending the time of the event will have an additional cost of 10,000 per participant.
  • The package will not change price if it is removed bottles of water, host, etc.
  • The purchased package can not be altered by fewer people than agreed.
  • The bracelet includes the basic attractions but the participant is subject to restrictions (size, weight, age) that have some attractions.
  • The waiting time in all the attractions is subject to the flow of people that exist in them.
  • To make the reservation valid it is necessary to make a payment of 145,000 pesos.
  • Our cancellation clauses for reimbursement must be with a maximum of 6 days before the activity, if the cancellation is made 5,4,3,2,1 or the same day of the activity there will be no refund of money.